1. make (something) visible or bright by shining light on it; light up.
2. help to clarify or explain.


After creating a 15-minute shortfilm which ran at the Irish Pavilion at the 2023 Architectural Biennale in Venice, we are continuing the production of a cinematic, feature-length documentary film as part of the ilDÁNA scheme, which is supported by the Irish Arts Council and TG4.  Ag Lorg Hy Brasil will be filmed in Ireland and Italy.

* * *

Red Pepper was  invited to take part in the IGNITE Development Programme 2023, a joint initiative of Cork International Film Festival & Docs Ireland, Belfast, supported by TG4, the Arts Council of Ireland, Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland and Northern Ireland Screen. 

Our project, Answering the Call, is now in Pre-Production.

 Set on Ireland’s rugged north-west coastline, Answering the Call/Freagairt na Gairme follows an audacious plan to save a tiny, but iconic, population corncrakes, a groundnesting bird on the brink of extinction in Ireland.

* * *

R   Ó   I   S   Í   N     M   U   R   P   H   Y  '  S

B I G  C I T Y  P L A N

In Ireland, gutted city and town centers have been hoovered up by commercial interests, franchises, and flayed by skyrocketing rents. We have also systematically cleared people from our urban cores, housing them instead in outer suburbia, dependent on a car.

An alarming situation that was a concern pre-pandemic has been laid bare because of it.

A Brief Introduction

Established in 2000, Red Pepper Productions is an independent production company based in Dublin with a reputation for excellence in both short and long form.

Between them, Laura and Martin have a wealth of experience in television, film, commercial and corporate production.

What We Do

We create engaging (and award-winning!) TV, entertainment with a twist like our wildlife series Fota: Into the Wild (VMTV), our fashion series Gléasta chun Féasta (TG4), couchsurfing with Ó Tholg go Tolg (TG4) and all-round, horsey madness with Hector’s Only Fools Buy Horses (RTÉ)

But we also make thought-provoking documentaries and factual series, because telling compelling stories is kind of our thing...

Cumhacht An Nádúir (nature's response to the pandemic, TG4), Born Addicted (mothers and babies on methadone, RTÉ ONE), Tar Abhaile (reconnecting descendants with their Irish roots  TG4),  Behind the Crime (consequences of having a loved-one involved in crime, TV3), How the Irish Have Sex and Back to School  (social history series for TV3) 

Our versatility has seen Red Pepper Productions being nominated for IFTA's in three different categories: Best Entertainment Series (Only Fools Buy Horses), Best Documentary Series (How the Irish Have Sex) and Young Peoples (Ó Tholg go Tolg) 

Ó Tholg go Tolg was also nominated 3 years in a row at the Celtic Media Awards, winning the famous Torc, in the Young People category, for the second series. It also picked up a Gold Remi award at Worldfest Houston.

Having produced over 80 commercials and sponsorship stings with various advertising agencies and for clients directly, we offer experience and exceptional value to all our commercial clients.

Brands include Electric Ireland, Boyle Sports, McDonald's, Denny, Dove, SuperValu, Aviva Insurance, TV License, RTÉ Guide, Kellogg’s, Persil, Sure, Cow & Gate, Buitoni, UNICEF Ireland, National Museum of IrelandNoyeks Newmans, Sligo Tourism, Ford Ireland, Osteoporosis Society of Ireland and Barretstown.

Last but not least, Red Pepper also produce corporate videos but, again, we always aim to add a story to them as that is what we think people connect with most.  One of our videos was distributed to nearly every school in Ireland (IOS), while another (World Rugby) went global, after being translated into six languages, including Russian and Mandarin.

Clients include: Merchant's Quay Ireland, the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BAI),  Acorn Age-friendly Tablet, Irish Osteoporosis Society (IOS), Alzheimer Society of Ireland, UNICEF Ireland, Fyffes, World Rugby and the Louis Fitzgerald Group. 

Contact Us
Laura: +353 (0)87 819 6019
Martin: +353 (0)87 865 1069

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